The Nebraska Science Festival began in 2013 as an initiative of the University of Nebraska Medical Center with the assistance of a number of organizations and individuals interested in the advancement of science literacy. The Science Festival is designed to make science accessible, interactive, relevant and fun for kids and adults alike. 

This year The Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club was chosen to participate in the Nebraska Science Festival and demonstrate how to demonstrate small amounts of electricity with magnets and coils.  We will also allow SciFest fans to use our bicycle-powered generator to try to generate enough electricity to illuminate an incandecent, a compact flourescent or an LED Light bulb.  

The club will be participating at the Durham at 801 S 10th Street in Omaha.   Admission to the event is free, and there are many other demonstrations to enjoy.  Check out Saturday's schedule here:

We have a new and improved web site, but still under constsruction.   But only having to work on one will make it easier for the web staff... So here we are.   I still recommend that you go to the address and not the one at the top of this page.   The new site loads a lot faster and the splash screen will always take you to the active site! 

 Some things you might notice are: 

We are adding meeting minutes to the web site now!   So you can find those here going forward.  The meeting minutes will be summarized in the Ham Hum, and in more detail here at the web site.   So come back often

For those of you not on FACEBOOK there is a stream of latest posts.   A lot of quit hit things are posted there, so make sure you check that out.  

Ham Hums are in the process of being moved over as are all the photos.  

So.. click around, you might find something hiding...  and come back often as it will be changing! NE150 LogoTo help celebrate Nebraska's Sequicentennial there will be a year long QSO Party!  The premier event will be the Sesquicentennial QSO Party,  from 13:00 UTC Saturday February 25  to 11:00 pm Sunday March 5th.  Nebraska's Statehood day is March 1st.  

Hams throughout Nebraska are encouraged to participate as NE150Hams using their own callsign with "/NE150" as a suffix. The exchange for Nebraska is : call sign, signal report and county.  Additionally participating Nebraska stations are encouraged to operate from historical sites in Nebraska (this is optional) then the station will add the name of that site,  "Homestead National Monument" or "Chimney Rock".  The response from the station outside Nebraska is call, name, signa report and state or province.  If the station is outside of the US, then just their country.

Lots of details are still in the works, so check at to get the latest information.

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