TYT MD9600 Dual Band DMR
( / VHF/UHF Mobiles)

TYT MD9600 Dual Band DMR

Next Meeting

The Gathering
of the
Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club
will be on 
June 15 at 7:00 pm

At the 
American Red Cross
2912 S 80th Ave

This month's program 


Featured Shacks


Members of the Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club (AARC) may post ads for used radio equipment and computer equipment
intended to be used in amateur radio free of charge.  No Commercial entries will be allowed under any circumstances. 
A profile is necessary for this and can be created here.   
Club membership status will be validated before members are able to post items. Ads may also be validated for appropriateness. 

Non AARC  Members may request ads to be place on their behalf  The AARC Web staff will determine if the equipment
and ads are appropriate for eSwap.  Non Members must be licensed amateur radio operators or be a representative
of an estate of a silent key.

The Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is not involved in any transaction between any party who uses our site. There are
risks which the user assumes when dealing with people who the user does not know. All of these risks are borne by the users.
The Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club, Inc.  is providing a a venue only and does not screen, censor, or otherwise control all listings
offered to other members, nor does The Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club, Inc. control the behavior of the participants on this site.

eSwap ads are available only to individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. This excludes in all cases
minors (persons who have not reached their eighteenth birthday).

  • There are separate categories for  various ham radio equipment for sale, items anted, etc.  The AARC Web Staff may
    move your ad into a more appropriate category.
  • Photos are encouraged and increase the likelihood of a sale.   The AARC Web Staff may remove any photos it deems inappropriate
  • List exactly what you are selling and for how much.
  • A price is required to each item as is your contact information
  • Keep yours ads brief, please.
  • Ads for new equipment, manufactured items or used equipment in quantity are subject to removal as commercial posts.
  • Amplifiers must not be modified for 11 meters.  10 Meter Only amps will not be allowed.   
    All Amplifiers offered for sale or trade MUST comply with FCC Rules and Regulations.  
    The AARC Web Staff will delete ads that it feels do not meeting these requirements.
  • All Ads must be approved by the AARC Web Staff and they have the final say if an ad appropriate.
  • No ads  or links to eBay or other auctions.
  • No links to ads on other web sites.
  • Only Original manuals and documents are allowed for listing - No copies of manuals or CDs.

eSwap Login  

This log in is only open to AARC members who wish to LIST things for sale via eSwap. Viewing is open to everyone and no sign on is required