TYT MD9600 Dual Band DMR
( / VHF/UHF Mobiles)

TYT MD9600 Dual Band DMR

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The Gathering
of the
Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club
will be on 
June 15 at 7:00 pm

At the 
American Red Cross
2912 S 80th Ave

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While Morse code is not required to get your license, it is a popular mode and a lot of fun!

You can learn a bit about the history of Morse Code, the development of the telegraph and its impact on communication. (thanks to Payton Conway for this link to a great site!)

You can find a lot of study aids online or you can purchase a system.  There are apps aplenty, but there is no one fool proof way to learn "the code"  And you must committ to whatever you choose.

The ARRL maintains an code practice schedule  - it changes occaisionally so we have provided a link below

hey also offer some code practice files to listen to

While not really a replacement for a class room setting where you can interact directly with instructors and fellow students, an online presenation of the study material are a great way to prepare for attending a class, or filling in some gaps from classes you did attend:

Ham Radio 2.0 has some good videos

New Technician Training Class - Part 1

New Technician Training Class - Part 2

New Technician Training Class - Part 3


Online practice tests are a great way to track how well you are doing in your studies.  

One of the best is  

Use it to help you know where you need to study more!