TYT MD9600 Dual Band DMR
( / VHF/UHF Mobiles)

TYT MD9600 Dual Band DMR

Next Meeting

The Gathering
of the
Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club
will be on 
June 15 at 7:00 pm

At the 
American Red Cross
2912 S 80th Ave

This month's program 


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KD0MMG at Field DayMembership in the AARC is open to anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio.  To be eligible to be elected as an officer or board member of the AARC the member must be current on their dues, hold a current amateur radio license and must be at least 18 years old.  Only licensed members may vote on any issue.
All applications must be on our official membership application.   

If you have received your first license in the last 12 months, the AARC will waive your dues for you first year's membership as our way of saying congratulations and to help you get involved in this great hobby.  Please bring it to an AARC meeting (or mail it to the club) along with your CSCE or a copy of your your brand new license.  (Only newly licensed amateur radio operators are eligible for the free year's membership) 


The current dues structure is:

Regular  Member $20
Spouse Member (must be the spouse of a Regular member) - $4
Minor Dependent (must be the legal dependent of a Regular member) - $4
Student Member (must be a full time student in high school or accredited college) - $8 

Click here to download the membership form and get involved in the best club in the area. 

This form can only be emailed if you are a newly licensed ham (within the last 12 months) making you eligible for a free membership.   This is due to an AARC ByLaws restriction that requires the member to be voted on by the membership before payment is accepted.  This means that at this time all other new applications must be by mail or in person.  IF you want to renew, you can mail your payment to AARC PO BOX 24551, Omaha, NE 68124.