TYT MD9600 Dual Band DMR
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TYT MD9600 Dual Band DMR

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Approved Plan for 2020 Election of Askarben Radio Club (ARC) 2021 Officers and Directors

During This Period of COVID Restrictions on Public Meetings

October 10, 2020


At the October 9 ARC monthly membership meeting, the voting participants unanimously adopted the following two motions.


First motion: Suspend Article 3 Section 1C of the ARC bylaws requiring in-person voting and nominations for the 2020 election of 2021 Officers and Board members.

Second Motion: Adopt the proposed mail-in ballot process (as defined below for the 2020 election of 2021 Officers and Board members). Publish this year’s process in November’s issue of HamHum and on the ARC website.



The ARC website defines the bylaw process for holding elections under Article III: Section 1 (see below). Due to COVID restrictions on in-person meetings, the ARC board of directors are proposing to temporarily suspend existing election rules and use an alternative one-time election plan in order to protect the safety of ARC members and their families while simultaneously maximizing member participation in the election process. Further, the ARC Board of Directors need to ensure that there is reasonable notice to ARC members on the change in voting processes, and to make sure that only members as defined in Article I: Section 4 are casting ballots. Further, as some ARC members do not have access to the internet, we are proposing a mail-in ballot process.

Approved Process

September, 2020

  • A nominating committee was formed as defined in Article III: Section 1A.

October, 2020

  • At the October ARC Zoom meeting brief members on the proposed alternative election process. Hold discussion on proposed steps. Additionally, ask for any early floor nominations. On the ZOOM call, due to federal/state mandated state of emergency, suspend Article 3 Section 1C of the ARC bylaws, and adopted the below mail-in ballot process. Publish this year’s process in November’s HamHum.
  • Before November meeting the Nominating committee meets and forms a proposed slate of officers.

November, 2020

  • At the November ARC Zoom meeting, the Nominating committee report their recommendations and the President again puts out a call to members for any floor nominations.

Nominating committee prepares a printed ballot. The ballot will include the slate of candidates, spaces for write-ins, and a line for printed name, signature, and call sign.  The ballot is mailed to each member by November 20. To facilitate the voting process, ARC will include in the mailing, a self-address stamped envelope for returning completed ballots.

December, 2020

  1. To be an eligible ballot for counting, the ballot must be signed by the eligible member with their legible signature and call sign and be postmarked by December 2.
  2. Ballots received by December 9 will be counted by an ad hoc committee appointed by the ARC board of directors.
  3. Election results will be announced at ARC December 11 Zoom meeting.