ICOM 706 Tranceiver
( / HF Radios)

ICOM 706 Tranceiver

Next Meeting

The Next Meeting
of the
Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club
will be on 
December 9th 
at 7:00 pm
At the
American Red Cross

2912 S. 80th Ave

Meeting topic: 

Holiday Party with Elections and Big Multiple Raffles! 


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ICOM 706 Tranceiver

ICOM 706 Tranceiver
With detactableable front plate. Fun Radio 160 - 2meters, FM, SSB, CW and AM. Great first radio, [...]
$ 325.00

Icom 761

Icom 761
Built in tuner and power supply 160-10 meters with crystal CW filter and original box. All Mo[...]
$ 298.00

Icom IC-735 (160-10) meters Tranceiver

Icom IC-735 (160-10) meters Tranceiver
Comes with matching power supply and 500cw filter and original boxes. My favorite radio of all ti[...]
$ 300.00
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