K0USA will activate Parks on the Air entity K-4011 Chalco Hills (8901 S 154th St, Omaha, NE) on Saturday August 17 starting at 5:00pm and the plan is to operate until about 7:00 pm.. Longer if the bands are open and contacts are coming through. Operations will be from one of the picnic areas in the park. Since most are not reservable it will depend which one is available when the scout team arrives.

K0USA will put up an APRS beacon to mark the location to the site can be found. If you are not on APRS you can look on http://www.aprs.fi for K0USA-1 that afternoon. Or right about 5:00 pm, K0USA will be monitoring 146.940 to let everyone know where they are set up and to give directions to the site. Bring a picnic lunch and come out to get on the air, learn about Parks on the Air or just hang out with fellow hams.


Map of Chalco Hills area: