September 8, 2018

8:00 am to 12:00 noon

Sarpy County Fairgrounds

Springfield, NE



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 Grand Prize

Anytone Digital DMR Analog  (AT-D868UV)


Silent Auction Items

HP 432A Power Meter with 8478B thermister mount and cables

- frequency range 10 MHz to 18 GHZ  
- power levels from 10 micro-Watts to 10 milli-Watts in 7 ranges

RFSpace SDR-IQ Software Defined Receiver
SDR - Spectrum Analyer - Panoramic Adapter frequency range 500 Hz to 30 MHz

DX Engineering DXE-RTR-1A Receive Antenna Interface for Transceivers
Automatically switches the RF output connector on the transceiver between
a receiving antenna system and a transmitting antenna for transceivers without
a seperate receiving antenna connector.

CWTouchKeyer Model P1 Touch Paddle Keyer
functions and memory programmed through the paddles

MFJ-941D Versa Tuner II
coax switch - SWR meter - wattmeter - antenna tuner - balun
power rating 300 Watts  1.8 - 30 MHz

West Mountain Radio Rig Blaster
Model M8 for 8 pin microphones

HamGadgets Ultra PicoKeyer with 'Finger Tip Tapper'
Morse Code Memeory Keyer - 4 memories of 127 characters

MFJ-1022 Active Antenna
300 KHz to 200 MHZ

Heathkit HD-19 Phone Patch with manual
identical electrically to modern computer interface
has screw terminals on back - make your own cables

Turner +3 desk mic with PTT bar
5K ohm impedance with preamplifier (req. 9V battery)
4 pin connector on coiled cord