Field Day Chairman Adam KD0MMG would like to invite those interested in helping with Field Day Planning Meeting  on Saturday April 29th at 10:00 am at Freedom Park.  We will have dicussions on the gazebo which offers a wonderful view of the entire park and offers a great place to operate from duirng the weekend. If it is raining, we will meet inside the USS Hazard.  The plan is to fiinalize locaitons of shacks,antenna loations, and discuss setup and operation plans.   This is also important for the logging network plans.  

Freedom Park offers many new challenges but also offers a lot of opportunities, which is one of the major aspects of Field Day, leaning to see challenges as oppurtunities.  Because the park will be open during part of the setup and early operations, all shack locations will be determined before setup.    The GOTA station will operate from 1:00pm until 3:00 pm when the park closes.   

Shack Captains have been confirmed for:

  • 20 meter SSB - K0CTU/KE7RDM
  • 40 meter SSB - KD0MMG/N0TRK
  • 15 meter SSB - KA0VNY
  • GOTA* - KA0VNYwill be the control op/Callsign used
  • 6 meter SSB - KA4ZZQ
  • 20 Meter PSK  - AI7Q

There are plans to operate on 144 SSB as well as 144/220/440 FM - but no firm shack captains have been determined. 

Remember as a shack captain, you are responsible for obtaining all equipment needed for your shack - Radios, logging computer, antennas, tables, chairs, power source,  etc...  and are responsible for its setup.  This doesn't mean that the shack captain must have all of this equipment themselves, but you need to know what you need from other hams or the club and make sure it is available for that day. 

The park is open for visitors on Saturdays now, so just drive on down to the park. 

To get to Freedom Park, take Abbot Drive towards the airport.  Turn right on Gallup Drive  and take the first left. There is a sign that says Miller's Landing, River City Star, Freedom Park.    Follow the road east to the gate for Freedom Park.   

Museum Ships Weekend

To sign up to help with Field Day please use this form:

And here is a link to the location from Abbott Drive