NE150 LogoTo help celebrate Nebraska's Sequicentennial there will be a year long QSO Party!  The premier event will be the Sesquicentennial QSO Party,  from 13:00 UTC Saturday February 25  to 11:00 pm Sunday March 5th.  Nebraska's Statehood day is March 1st.  

Hams throughout Nebraska are encouraged to participate as NE150Hams using their own callsign with "/NE150" as a suffix. The exchange for Nebraska is : call sign, signal report and county.  Additionally participating Nebraska stations are encouraged to operate from historical sites in Nebraska (this is optional) then the station will add the name of that site,  "Homestead National Monument" or "Chimney Rock".  The response from the station outside Nebraska is call, name, signa report and state or province.  If the station is outside of the US, then just their country.

Lots of details are still in the works, so check at to get the latest information.

The Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club plans on participating in the Sesquicentennial QSO Party from Homestead National Monument perhaps multiple times during that week.  While Chimney Rock might be more iconic, Omaha was the first capital and has a lot of historic sites from which to call "CQ NE150 de K0USA"  - There is a link on the menu for NE150ham items for the AARC.  But others are welcome to send information about their event to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - and our web staff will add it to the calendar.     

Some possible operation sites could be, Fort Atkinson, Fort Omaha, Florence Mill, Freedom Park and the USS Hazard, Boys Town, Durham Museum (Union Station), The Air and Space Museum, Arbor Lodge, Saint Deroin at Indian Cave State Park!  How about from the homeof Nebraska's first governor or the home town of Larry the Cable Guy.  And Bellevue is the oldest city in the state! It can be like Field Day all year!   

The Sesquicentennial QSO Party is an official event of the Nebraska Sesquicentennial Celebration.