ICOM 706 Tranceiver
( / HF Radios)

ICOM 706 Tranceiver

Next Meeting

The Next Meeting
of the
Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club
will be on 
September 9, 2022 
at 7:00 pm
At the
American Red Cross

2912 S. 80th Ave

Meeting topic: 

Tailgate in the Red Cross Parking Lot
bring your stuff to sell.. bring your cash to buy


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The Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club will be testing a new service called   

Ham Club Online is an amateur radio club management tool that will make it easier for the membership committee to keep track of your data.  As this year's dues are processed, you will be added to the new online system.  You will receive an email from  with this subject line: 

[AkSarBenARC] You have been added to the  AARC online database  

The body of the email will be something like this: 

Congratulations! Your application to AkSarBenARC has been accepted and you have been added to the club roster.
You may access the private club roster, calendar, and other member-only information by visiting  If it is your first time using HamClubOnline, click on the forgot password link to receive a password.

Please take a few minutes to log in and make sure we have your phone number and your preferred email address. 

Also please update if you are an ARRL member or not by checking the "View and Update Your Skills". You can also add that you want to receive an emailed copy of the Ham Hum or a Mailed Copy of the Ham Hum (or both).  

Welcome aboard!  

Some of the features of this system are: automatic email reminders of dues being due, simple distribution of newsletters and other communications, auto-tracking of call sign changes, license upgrades and address changes, (this is all pulled from the FCC database) club event tracking and soon online payments.     This puts you in control of your contact information and you can check your membership status.  
Make sure you log in and update your ARRL Membership status and how you would like to receive the Ham Hum as soon as you get your notification!
 AARC Membership Committee