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M2M Relay LogoThis year the Market-To-Market Relay will be held on Saturday October 3rd.   The organizers know what a great job we do of looking after the runners and are looking forward to working with the area hams again.    To accomodate social distancing guidelines, the year the route will be a bit shorter.  This will allow there to be a bigger gap between the groups of runner, so fewer people will be at each exchange point.  The new locations are below.   

The M2M Relay Starts in Bellevue at the Beardmore Event Center and finishes in Lincoln at the Haymarket District 68.1 miles later.   Teams of 7 members run 3 stages per person. Each stage is 3 to 5 miles long. The course follows trails, paved streets and gravel back roads of Nebraska.

Our job is to keep track of when the runners arrive at each stage and when the last runner has departed and relay that information to Net Control.   If minor medical assistance is needed we can summon the medical personnel who be available at every other exchange point. Omaha area hams cover the first half and the Lincoln area hams pick up when the race crosses the river at exchange point 9.   Both Net Controls will be in contact with the event organizers to relay how well the race is going and of any issues that have been relayed via the hams.     Mobiles and handhelds are usable, depending on your location. - Cross band repeat is definately something that might give you reliable communications.


The exchange points get a bit busy with waves of runners coming and going, so it is best if there are at least two hams at each exchange point especially the later exchanges when the runners have spread out. WE also need to arrive before the runners and all the vans and usually, we are there before the site setup crew and the exchange volunteers.   Also, two hams allow for a backup if there is equipment failure or if a last-minute personal issue means you can't attend.   That means  18 (or more) volunteers. So we need you.

The setup crew and exchange volunteers are scheduled to be there about 15 minutes prior to the runners arriving.   Your departure time is also about 15 to 30 minutes after the last runner should depart your area.   This will let you “beat the traffic” of the team vans, and be on site if the runners are running a bit ahead of schedule.  Exact times are subject to change as we get closer to the date.

Exchange Location Time  Arrive   Time Depart *
EXCHG 1 (Start) Beardmore Event Center 4:30 11:30
EXCHG 2 Halleck Park 4:45 11:45
EXCHG 3 SumTur Amphitheater 5:15 12:30
EXCHG 4 Nebraska Christian College 6:15 12:45
EXCHG 5 Springfield Fairgrounds 6:45 13:15
EXCHG 6 Buffalo Road  7:30 13:45
EXCHG 7 Hwy31/50 Platte River Bridge 8:15 14:15
EXCHG 8 South Bend / Platte River 8:30 14:45



Please complete the following form if you would like to volunteer! 

Market to Market Relay 2020

If you have questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.