One of the biggest needs is to assist fellow club members in getting on the air and having the opportunities to make contacts. This can be broken down into the following issues/needs:

  • Needs for radios, antennas and other equipment
  • Software Needs and possible assistance in getting it installed & configured for FD operation
  • Logging Software

WSJT-X for FT8 or FT4 digital operations

Limited Band and Mode privileges of Technician (and legacy Novice) Class Licensees

1- We realize some club members may need some extra equipment to operate their own stations. We would like to help by promoting loans of equipment, antennas, etc. by members in a safe manner. We have put together some ideas on portable and/or temporary antennas for FD at “this link”. This list includes information on simple antennas you can easily build for both HF and VHF. The slide presentation also has lists of resources for emergency power including generators and batteries.

2- Three of the most popular Logging software packages for FD are:

We recommend N3FJP – the software is inexpensive, simple to install on any computer that will run Windows Software.  We will go over N3FJP during the Zoom Meeting.     N3FJP takes the work out of your Field Day submission and has incorporated the Field Day rules waivers (others have as well)  

3- With limited HF Voice and Digital privileges on 10 Meters, opportunities for Tech Class Licensees may be limited during our current sunspot minimum. Fortunately, the last few weeks have had some extended e-Skip activity on 10 Meters. It is suggested that higher class licensees periodically monitor 10 meters (and call CQ) to encourage at least local/regional activity on 10 Meters. The same is true of 6 Meters as the band could easily be “dead” or very active. The addition of FT8/FT4 operating ability to Tech Class stations could have a very positive effect on the ability to make contacts during FD (the upcoming June ARRL VHF contest is a good chance to test your 6 & 2 Meter capabilities including FT8/FT4).  

For Technicians with equipment limited to FM, 2-meter contacts during FD are typically very limited. To enhance the chances of FD contacts the following are suggested

  • Contacts must be Simplex and not via Repeaters (be aware of 2M Simplex Frequencies)
  • Do not rely on standard rubber duck antennas, have a better antenna variety of easily built inexpensive 2 M antennas are describe at this link: Antenna Ideas
  • All license class operators should monitor 2M FM simplex channels during FD (the use of additional radios in receive mode does not change your FD classification) to be able to provide contacts to those limited to FM

Many Technicians do not realize they have HF privileges on 80, 40 and 15-meter bands with CW. Although most do not have CW operating experience or skills there are still opportunities if they are willing to try a few new things including decoding software/hardware/radios for more information view presentation “Having Fun with Morse” at