That question is difficult to answer.  There are so many things to do with amateur radio that the question raises more questions as to what you plan to do with the radio.  

Before plunging into any purchase, its best to ask your fellow amateur radio operators what their experience has been.  We're all opinionated, and not necessarilry always in agreement about what constitutes good gear, so it's wise to ask at least a few hams what they think of a certain pice of equipment before you buy it.   Radio clubs are great pleaces to meet fellow hams and solicit their oppinions.

The Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club has equipment for loan to any member.  That way you can get on the air while you make your choice.  

The website has a section devoted to reader-provided equipment reviews.  While the review process has both a numerical value and a written review, the written review is much more useful than the number.  Read them thoroughly.  And remember than even the best gear has its detractors and the worst gear has its supporters.    Sticking with major brands, such as Kenwood, Icom, Yeasu and Alinco is usually the best for your first radio, not matter if its 2m FM or an HF Radio.     

The recent influx of radios from China has allowed for a cheap path to getting on the air.  While many of these radios have been tested to be within FCC requirements, many do not.  Often within the same model series.   Be aware that these radios are the quality of most amateur radio gear and program and perform differently.    

Also remember that your first radio will not be your last radio, or your only radio.