Field Day Chairman Adam KD0MMG would like to invite those interested in being a shack captain to a site visit of the 2017 Field Day site on Saturday February 18 at 10:00 am.

About 11:00 am the group will relocate Goodnight's Pizza for a discussion of bands and modes, best shack locations and antenna options.

Freedom Park offers many new challenges but also offers a lot of opportunities, which is one of the major aspects of Field Day.

Potential Shack Captains should meet at the Freedom Park Road gate no later than 10:00 am.  A park volunteer will be there to unlock the gate (the park is currently closed for the winter) talk in will be on 146.940.

To get to Freedom Park, take Abbot Drive towards the airport.  Turn right on Gallup Drive  and take the first left. There is a sign that says Miller's Landing, River City Star, Freedom Park.    Follow the road east to the gate for Freedom Park.   

If you miss the group that gets into the park.  Goodnights Pizza is at 1302 Mike Fahey St, Omaha, NE 68102 - they open at 11:00 am on Saturdays.(remember to bring some change for the parking meter)

To sign up to help with Field Day please use this form at the MDARES Website:

And here is a link to the location from Abbott Drive NE150 LogoTo help celebrate Nebraska's Sequicentennial there will be a year long QSO Party!  The premier event will be the Sesquicentennial QSO Party,  from 13:00 UTC Saturday February 25  to 11:00 pm Sunday March 5th.  Nebraska's Statehood day is March 1st.  

Hams throughout Nebraska are encouraged to participate as NE150Hams using their own callsign with "/NE150" as a suffix. The exchange for Nebraska is : call sign, signal report and county.  Additionally participating Nebraska stations are encouraged to operate from historical sites in Nebraska (this is optional) then the station will add the name of that site,  "Homestead National Monument" or "Chimney Rock".  The response from the station outside Nebraska is call, name, signa report and state or province.  If the station is outside of the US, then just their country.

Lots of details are still in the works, so check at to get the latest information.

On December 9, 2016 the business meeting of the AARC was suspended  at 7:38 PM for the election.

Steve, N0UP ran the election and  Barb, KC0HLB, Jim, KA0KCV and Russ, NE0G acted as tellers.

For the 2 open Board positions candidates were Dave, N0JSB, Bill, WA9ASD and Dan, N0POT.

Steve called for nominations from the floor 3 times and there were none.

The election for the 2 open board positions was held and Dave, N0JSB and Dan, N0POT were elected.

For Vice President, Justin Tabor, KE0BHP was the only candidate.

When Steve called for nominations from the floor, Bill, KE0XQ nominated Bill, WA9ASD.  Bill accepted the nomination.   There were no other nominations.

The election was held and Bill, WA9ASD was elected.

For President, Kevin, KA0VNY was the only candidate.

Steve called for nominations from the floor 3 times and there were no none.

Because there were no nominations from the floor John, WB0CMC made a motion, seconded by Norm, WA0JYD that Kevin, KA0VNY be elected by acclimation.  Approved.                     -

Then Adam, KD0MMG made a motion, seconded by Bill, KD0FJR that the ballots be destroyed. 

Unanimously approved.

The Winners are: 
President -KAØVNY
Vice President - WA9ASD
Board - NØJSB and NØPOT


K0USA has been busy this year working National Parks on the Air. Here are a few of the latest contacts made by the club

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