The AARC Field Day Chair has also decided to use the budget that normally would pay for the food, gas and sanitation, and create some additional incentives and activities for AARC Club Members that want to operate their own FD stations: 

Due date to ARRL is 7/28/2020

Due date to AARC is 07/15/2020

  1. We will be offering a $50 Gift Certificate in a random drawing for all AARC members that
    1.  operate during FD and make one or more contacts,
    2. submit their log entry to the ARRL designating “AK-SAR-BEN ARC, Inc” as their affiliated club AND
    3. submit your entry to the Ak-Sar-Ben ARC via the Club's log submission form 
  2. We will be presenting certificates of accomplishment based on members’ activities in FD.
    1. The furthest distance contact made during Field Day.
    2. most contacts made during Field Day.
    3. The most modes (Digital (FT-8, PSK31, RTTY, CW, SSB, AM, FM) used during Field Day (at least one contact must be made using each mode for credit).
    4. The most bands operated during Field Day (at least one contact must be made using each band).
    5. The most points (excluding bonus points) earned during Field Day.
    6. Most other Club members worked during Field Day (contacts must not be prearranged in advance).
    7. The most contacts made on 6 meters and above by a non-Technician class licensee.
    8. The most contacts made on 6 meters and above by a Technician class licensee.
  3. We are planning a FD planning Zoom online meeting  to answer questions, provide support, etc. The link to join the meeting will be provided on the club’s calendar on our website -  and our Facebook Page watch for Date and Time
  4. SATERN will be hosting a Field Day Q&A during their June 15th and June 22nd Nets at 7:00 pm on 146.940 - KØUSA repeater-. Please feel free to join in to ask or answer questions, provide assistance, etc.
  5. We are asking that each Club member that operates Field Day shoot a short video (one to three minutes) while they are actively making contacts.  We would like to put these together and post it on the Club web site. 
  6. We are planning on a Zoom Meeting most of the 24 hours of Field Day - that will let us drop in on each other and see how things are going - plan on adding Zoom to your set up.